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In an environment that is more competitive than ever, how was LG able to increase engagement by 26% on average and make the most out of new technologies like rich media?

The Challenge

The key task for LG was to increase conversion rates and user engagement, while improving their core content, product cards and overall shopping experience in marketplaces. Why? Because often users and brands find it challenging to interact with product cards in marketplaces — they’re not clear, lack information, they are not intuitive and are also hard to tell apart from other brands’ product descriptions.

To make this happen, LG realized that they needed to create core content that would be just as informative as it was unique and innovative. Rich media, in other words.


Back in 2019, ecommerce was already taking a huge share of total retail sales — up to 13,8% of transactions worth $3,3 billion dollars, according to Statista. Marketplaces and online retailers were flourishing, and brands were ramping up investments on their own channels. LG was one of them, and even though it is a well-known brand, it got increasingly harder to get attention from customers in these platforms, where hundreds of brands try to push their SKUs as much as they can. 

Find out what LG did to improve their position in these platforms. Download the full case study here.

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